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From Prom Queen to Hijabi

Reader Review: 

"This is a rather unique story of a young woman who takes an interesting journey to explore her own spirituality and find peace in Islam. Through the open discussion of her own trials, the reader is encouraged to open their own heart and mind to seek a deeper relationship with God. She shows us what has worked for her; she only encourages us to have the courage to make our own journey towards deeper spirituality." -J.J,

From Prom Queen to Hijabi:

My Journey to Faith on a Road Less Traveled

by U.M. Fatima

How does a typical American girl from Boston go from being Prom Queen and captain of two varsity sports teams to a proud orthodox Muslim?

In this short memoir, you will read about the road less traveled that one girl took as she stopped at nothing to be true to herself. The reader follows U.M. Fatima along on her travels, searching for God in an effort to remove herself from the depths of existential confusion. With serendipitous events around every corner, a life so seemingly free-spirited and without direction turns out to be divinely-designed and perfectly sequential. The reader journeys through the author's study of languages, cultures, art and design, Italian studies, holistic medicine, Ayurveda, and religions, as she goes from searching for her life's purpose inside text books and university degrees to realizing it was in her heart all along. A profound and sincere desire to know God brings her to finally find: the answers she was desperately searching for, the profound inner peace she so longed to obtain, and even the love of her life...

in the most unexpected of places!

The Quran Reading Comprehension Workbook Series

 Volume 1

by U.M. Fatima

The QRCWS encourages the participation of the reader with 170 pages of thought-provoking questions and answers. The Volume 1 Workbook contains a comprehensive study of the first 2 chapters of the Quran, making it a wonderful choice for Islamic school curriculums, study groups, and self-study. This is a perfect accompaniment to Bayyinah Institute's Concise Commentary of the Quran, which is relatable to today's society and profound in its explanations. Highly recommended for adolescents and new Muslims. 

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Reader Review: 

"I have learnt a lot from this book and found it excellent in my teaching." - N.M.

The Quran Reading Comprehension Workbook Series - FOR KIDS!

Surah al Kahf

By U.M. Fatima

Illustrated by Fatima Alfieri

How well does your child know the Quran? The Quran Reading Comprehension Workbook Series- Surah al Kahf FOR KIDS! is a study aid that will help your child understand the words and important concepts of the Quran in an interactive manner. Parents are encouraged to study alongside their children in order to foster a love and comprehension of God's Word for the whole family. Surah al Kahf is a very important chapter of the Quran to read on Fridays for protection from Dajjal. Begin creating traditions with your children today that will benefit them for their whole lives inshAllah!

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Light Upon Light

Written by U.M. Fatima

Illustrated by Nina Khan

Attempting to answer the existential questions of our young children can be a daunting task without true guidance from the Creator. Read the poetic story of how one mother is forced to question her own spiritual path in an attempt to answer her daughter's questions about life. 

But when she finds the Truth, will she commit herself to it or never make the leap of faith?

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