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New Release!

Light Upon Light

Written by U.M. Fatima

Illustrated by Nina Khan

Attempting to answer the existential questions of our young children can be a daunting task without true guidance from the Creator. Read the poetic story of how one mother is forced to question her own spiritual path in an attempt to answer her daughter's questions about life. 

But when she finds the Truth, will she commit herself to it or never make the leap of faith?

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"U.M. Fatima"

I am the author of From Prom Queen to Hijabi, a memoir about my journey of finding all the answers to my questions about life and God in Islam. My goal is to inspire other women to cultivate a relationship with God in order to live a more purposeful life.  


Interview with U.M. Fatima

New Podcasts with U.M. Fatima

U.M. Fatima discusses her reasons for converting to Islam, the basics of the Faith, and how she tries to help others on their path to finding the Truth.



August 2021 - ALL ABOUT HIJAB

Podcast with Walid ab Al Mujib

An Italian Convert Story

The amazing revert story of U.M. Fatima's other half!


More possible reasons why Allah says, "It's better for you to fast, if you only knew!"

"[Fast a] prescribed number of days. But whoever of you is ill or on a journey, then [let them fast] an equal number of days [after Ramaḍân]. For those who can only fast with extreme difficulty, compensation can be made by feeding a needy person [for every day not fasted]. But whoever volunteers to give more, it is better for them. And to fast is better for you, if only you knew."

— Dr. Mustafa Khattab, the Clear Quran 2:184

Watch: Health Benefits of Fasting


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Feeling confused about life?

You are not alone! 

The depth of confusion that I once felt about life was indescribable.


The best decision I ever made was to drop everything and travel around, studying and experiencing different spiritual paths in order to find the answers to my existential questions.


Peace and happiness!

Get to know Islam!

Video about 

"From Prom Queen to Hijabi"

Do you know a new Muslim? 

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A must-read for the spiritual seeker...

The Holy Quran is recognized worldwide as a scientific and literary miracle and is a must-read for anyone interested in exploring spirituality. The Quran Reading Comprehension Workbook Series provides an easy-to-understand English translation and explanation of the important points that make this Book so special.

Reader Review: "I have learnt a lot from this book and found it excellent in my teaching."  -N.M.

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Reader Feedback

"This woman is a true inspiration. I can't thank you enough for being who you are. I highly recommend the book to anyone interested in opening their mind and heart."

-Omar K.

"She has also done an excellent job at representing the actual side of the Islamic faith which we don't see today on mainstream media, unfortunately."


"What a wonderful story told in such an honest way. I'm not much of a religious person but I truly enjoyed reading about the beautiful journey of this beautiful woman...I am so honored to have been able to read this amazing journey.Of one woman's strength, persistence and love of her faith." 

- Rebecca P.

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