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Sometimes the road we map out for ourselves ends up taking an unexpected detour.

"They plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners.” - 8:30

Hello, I'm Lindsay, aka U.M. Fatima. When I was in my late twenties, I decided to drop everything in my life to go out and see if there was a true religion that led to God.

It was an exhaustive search, but nothing was worse than living life without really knowing what my purpose was. Since I was a little girl, I constantly analyzed the way in which people lived their lives: the mistakes they made, the advice they gave, their ideas of success and happiness.

The only consistent thing I found was: inconsistency.

I found people to be so feeble, so conditioned by their experiences, and totally unable to see that they lacked true guidance.

How could I possibly trust the advice given from a person?

I wasn't trying to be rebellious or disrespectful towards my elders, but I just found it... not beneficial to my growth. There was an overarching theme of mundanity, a lack of depth, a lack of true wisdom, a lack of... LIGHT. At the time, I didn't comprehend what I was observing, I just knew that I didn't want to live like the people around me.

So I began to question everything.

I always had a penchant for befriending foreigners, maybe a subconscious attempt to find answers to my observations; perhaps to see if there was another way of approaching this game called life. My interest in studying foreign languages was a means to search for some answers by interacting and communicating with people of other cultures... to try to, ultimately, understand the purpose of humanity.

What did I find?

I found that "tutto il mondo e' paese." That's Italian for "the whole world is a small town." Same mentality, different place. In other words, I didn't find the answers to my questions about God and spirituality by studying people. On the contrary, I learned one of the biggest lessons in my religious studies:

NEVER judge a religion by its adherents.

I remedied that the solution to this was to go out and study and experience every religion in order to either find God or not consider spirituality anymore. So I began studying each religion and if I came across verifiable errors, I'd promptly move on to the next one. I did this over and over again...

until I came to Islam. 

I'm still studying Islam 12 years later and haven't yet come across an unverifiable "fact."

All I found was verifiable evidence of the truth.

My spiritual journey to see if God really existed transitioned into a spiritual

journey of getting to know and love Him through Islam, which means

"the peace that comes from submitting to the will of God."

And peace is what I found. No more confusion.

No more darkness. Just light.

I hope you'll seriously consider the importance of feeding your soul and witnessing the benefits it has on the quality of your life. I'd love to help you on your way to finding true faith. 

Are you ready to begin your journey?